Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinner Menu Pics - Latest Versions

We're getting closer to where I would like things to be - just in time to change the menu again. After three weeks (one soft opening week and two regular weeks) we've seen nights where we were packed beyond capacity and nights with only 2 diners. To all of my friends across the globe -disregard the old rule that you should never visit a restaurant in its first month. Go, be patient and understanding, and know that somewhere in the back is a staff that has poured their heart and soul into preparing a meal for someone - and if there is no one, it is very gut punching. So support your new restaurants.

However, one perk to slow nights is that I can take a few pics of our dishes as they've evolved over the past weeks.

Our amuse has prettied up with the help of a tuile stencil - New Mexico Fields: parsley sugar, local bee pollen and local lavender

Every diner now gets fresh made pretzels with hot mustard. I'm still working on this to make it a more appropriate bread course for us, but they're really good.

Chayote Soup, Mexican crema, Manchego crisp, white truffle oil, dulse powder

Beef heart salad - my favorite dish and previously highlighted HERE.

Still needing work is the fried goat cheese salad (beet gelée, mixed sprouts, goat cheese)

The show stealer - unagi, bonito dashi, red cabbage sprouts in a smoke filled jar

Savory avocado ice cream and mesquite blini

I've served this by itself, but its intended for the embutido (which is still our top seller) - Niman Ranch bacon powder with garlic gelée

The other entrees and desserts have had pics in previous posts, but here is the burger that is getting huge raves - 2/3 local bison, 1/3 local beef, pretzel roll, fresh aioli, smoked pepper molé, onion rings and sometimes I toss some guacamole on for good measure. I've had to downsize due to complaints of it being too big - TOO BIG! Its now just a measly third of a pound, but because the meat is so lean my half pound burger was too much for even the biggest eater.

And for staff I made the local favorite - green chile cheddar burger.

Each night the dishes evolve and improve and I've been adding components because I'm getting more comfortable with my prep. Unless there is a major development, I'll stop posting dinner pics until my next menu evolution which I expect in late April as the local produce shifts.


Mitch Hellman said...

Don't forget to post pics of the Pork Belly/Blue Corn Tacos (though I still object to calling that masterpiece a 'taco').

racheld said...

OH, Child!!

I have no words. My imagination did not encompass such riches.

The disc is like some verdant communion, melting green and sweet on the tongue, and I think I'd look too long at each dish set before me, and not pick up my fork until those around me were setting down theirs.

The Beef Heart salad, please, and time to savor. Then a spoontip or two of the avocado ice cream, melting on the tongue, and another serving of the salad, gently arranged inside one of those pretzels.

Then TIME, and more later.

What is the dressing for the salad, and is the bacon powder all the pale cloud in the bowl?

HAH!!!! My word today is FABSCO!!

Sounds like one I'd invent just for this.

Sharlene T. said...

I'm coming! OMG They all look so fabulous. Did you notice how the garni on the gellied garlic looks like a cowboy doffing his ten-gallon hat? It's wonderful! I'd use it on the menu. Don't worry. Things will pick up and then you'll wonder if you'll ever get a break. Scrumptuous. And, of course, I'll have some Beef Heart Salad.