Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deep Plate - My Latest Goofing Around

Like I need one more thing on my plate! I recently started following the Bauscher blog where they run a monthly event in which chefs create dishes to accentuate their dishes. To me the challenge is to not just throw something on the dish but to plate in a way that works in conjuction with the dish to elevate the experience. Here are two attempts on March's plate:

From my new menu - Blue Corn Pork Belly Taco (blue corn tuile, sous vide pork belly, salsa fresca, crema avocado).

I like this pic better but it doesn't show the plate as well.

And you'll recognize this as my recent heart salad.


racheld said...

Lordy, Son!! Goofing around??

And Monet daubed a bit.

Manggy said...

Ooh, I bet they all loved this one. Looks fab.
On second look at the heart salad, I was thinking of other ways it could be plated. I just realized I haven't seen too many meat dishes with height, even when thinly sliced like this (thinly sliced meat would more often be scattered all over the plate). But then I thought that would be messy and flat. But then again you don't need to be stressed out with making yet another edible container, lol :)

Sharlene T. said...

I'm so glad the heart dish is successful for you. You've certainly made it tempting and beautiful. (I just get the food on the plates.) Your dishes are gorgeous and I know scrumptuous. Come visit when you get a nanosecond of time!