Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick Post Sneak Peak - My new dinner menu

Many of you know I've been working on our dinner menu which will start up in February. Here's the behind the scenes menu with actual descriptions. I would really like to hear feedback.

Pommes frites- The name will probably change on this, but it will be a 'potatoes three ways' plate
88061 Hamburger - The number is our zip - we'll be focusing on local foods. I'm still working on the formula for making a really special burger, but it will have a sampling of sauces. I'll make my own pretzel rolls for the bun.
Beer poached pear - You can imagine (if you've read the blog before) that this will be a multi-component dessert featuring a stout infused pear.
Not listed on menu: an amuse - probably a stout cheese soup

Pinon Seafood salad - Stacked salad of local greens, unagi (broiled eel) and poached egg
Marks Embutido - Niman Ranch pork, picadillo - Manggy's recipe souped up
77% Philippino chocolate flourless tart - very silky with salted caramel
Not listed: an amuse of mango, ginger and serrano

Avocado Bombé - Reconstituted avocado (as previously seen on this blog)
Pork belly blue corn tacos - Smoked paprika flavored with a variety of fancy toppings
24-Hour apple - PH's apples with a bunch of different components
Not listed: an amuse of prickly pear jalepeño sorbet set in tequilla

Smoked salmon salad - Greens inside a pate choux ring topped with dry smoked salmon
88061 Petit filet - Sous vide, grill finished, rye french toast, blue cheese, walnuts
Carrot cake
Not listed: an amuse of beet wasabi sphere

So what do you think? I'll change the menu each month and throw in all sorts of molecular components for each menu.


racheld said...

I think I wish I lived at 88061, or at least 62.

Manggy said...

No freaking way! This is awesome. I am so excited to see my name there (I understand, not on the menu... But still). Even more excited to see the final products. Great prices too! (Of course, I've just come from looking at the WD-50 tasting menu price. OUCH. Not good for the to-be-employed! (With any luck))

Tri2Cook said...

Nice menu Rob... you're really not a fan of sleep, are you? :p

Gfron1 said...

Rachel...that's just silly! 88062 is our PO Boxes (we're a two zip town). You can't live in the PO Boxes! And Mark, actually you are on the menu in name - you get full credit. The bottom of the menu: "Our opening menu is inspired by the chef's network of
international culinary inspirations. Mark Manguerra is a doctor and food aficionado in the Philippines who challenged the chef to update traditional Filipino dishes.

Our embutido updates the succulent homestyle pork dish by using Niman Ranch pork and local eggs. Instead of the traditional steamed preparation, chef employs sous vide with a torched finish.
This is one of his favorite dishes.

Join us each first Saturday of the month for our 10-course modernist tasting menu. Reservations are required. Seating is at 7 pm. Cost is 50 per person."
And Larry...this gig will actually let me sleep more. I won't have to go in at 6 am anymore. And our town goes to bed early so I'll be home around 10.