Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick Dinner: Pasta with pecan, blue cheese & squash

This was one of my favorite meals in a while. I took an onion and cooked them in olive oil til soft. Remove and let sit. Cubed an acorn squash. Cooked a few strips of applewood smoked bacon. Remove the bacon but keep the drippings. Get the dripping really hot and add the squash. Cook them hashbrown style browning them on all sides. Add the nuts and the cooked onions. Finish with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Place on top of the pasta and add a few dollops of blue cheese - we used Roaring 40's Australian Blue. Washed it down with a good white wine.


racheld said...

I had dinner hours ago, and now I have an under-tongue tingle akin to sniffing the French's jar.

Besides, my Daddy always said that the only thing you can mess up by starting with onions and bacon is boiled eggs and Jello.


Manggy said...

Good one. I'd love to try it back at home, though pecans would cost me a few fingers... Maybe I'd sub something green in its stead, like rocket.