Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catching up on projects...

Lot's of little stuff that I've been filling my time with lately. First, rice krispie treats where I puffed seasoned sushi rice (hitomobore), raisins, pecans and homemade salmon marshmallows.

I think I served my last Ethiopian for a while. With dinners coming, the kitchen may not be able to handle my Ethiopian specials - always a huge hit, but always very demanding on my kitchen space.

I've been selling this breseola lately - really good stuff.

I made this black cake last June and we finally made time to eat it last week. Since I can never leave well enough alone, instead of wrapping in cheese cloth and adding a drop of rum every so often, I doused in rum and vacuum packed it. It was..ahem..very potent.

A friend gifted me with a back strap from his deer hunt this year (very generous of him).

Committing complete blasphemy I sliced it very thinly with my meat slicer, sprinkled with porcini salt, reformed it into its original shape...

Vacuumed and sous vide for 24 hours and served it as a peel-off appetizer at our staff holiday party last week. Tyler asked, "What, you couldn't just grill it?" I can't.

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racheld said...

A Back Strap, like already-cut corn or a mess of washed, cooked and frozen-for-you turnip greens, says that you are LOVED.

And for that, I imagine the deer would have jumped in front of the bullet, just for that ending. That dish almost singlehandedly makes up for the thousands which have been baked in foil with a package of Lipton's Onion and a can of Campbell's cream of.

That's some fancy black cake---memories of Dear Julie Harris reciting the recipe that would make forty of those, in her role as Miss Emily Dickinson. Also reminds me of the "before" of the plum pudding we so soused in brandy for a month that it whooshed into charcoal when we ignited it for effect.