Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday's Drool Pictures

A few things I made over the weekend.

Baklawa using whole wheat fillo, nut mixture (pistachio, walnut & cashew) and a breath of orange water.

Tropical Fruit Cream Pie that was a special request. They actually wanted coconut cream, and they wanted it in just a few hours. I didn't have the ingredients for coconut, so I talked them into this which was blood orange, mango & pineapple curd with a meringue top.

And, we had rare humidity this weekend which made all of my baking very happy! The croissants were as plump as I've ever made them. Perfectly risen, baked, egg washed...and boy were the chocolate ones delicious!


Manggy said...

Aaaah! I should've given you packs and packs of coconut cream powder in my care package! (To be fair, you probably usually supply them anyway...) Honestly? I'd MUCH prefer mango pineapple, hee hee :)

If only MY humidity served me well! Butter melts too easily here!

Foodycat said...

I've never even heard of wholewheat filo! Do you make your own? That baklava looks just divine.

Gfron1 said...

eG's Andiesenji is visiting today so she got to taste my tropical fruit curd - it got a big thumbs up!

FC - I get my whole wheat filo from my Armenian distributor and it comes in a plain plastic wrapper. Check at your middle eastern store and ask - it may be intended only for restaurants, but it makes a huge taste improvement.