Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have you seen these chocolates?

We've had the Askinosie and Patric for a while - both are highly recommended for bean-to-bar lovers. The Blanxart is just a brute of a bar. Big, bold, but nothing fancy. The red wrapper is a Taza Organic stone ground - haven't tried it yet. Others we haven't tried yet: far right - Amatller chocolate; just next to it - a Venchi chocolate bar with absynth, and a Venchi dark. Not too bad for a small town store in the desert! Anybody try some of these others?

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Manggy said...

I think a resounding NO is the expected answer from me, heh :)

"Alinea" was released here at the same price. As long as I haven't done a single thing from Happy In The Kitchen, I figure I don't have the right to browse it :) Of course, I've never wanted a Japanese turning slicer so badly before! (Saw one in LA for about $80-- no thanks!)