Saturday, October 25, 2008

For those of you interested in the process of tasting menus, here is my final day's itinerary:

8:30 am Sv wrap rabbit, and put in pot at 150F
Farmers Market: wine grapes, cantaloupe, micro greens, filler greens, carrots?, eggs
Juice grapes and make geleè; dry skins coated in sugar
Shred cheddar for crisps
Make sunchoke gratins in muffin pan
Make corn soup
Asparagus espuma
Olive oil smear (82)
Prepare jujubes
Fix SA droplets
Fix tuna chimney holder
Need fabric for tablecloths
Ingredients for scones

2 pm Carrot sauce for patè

4 Bread out to proof
Brioche out to proof
Cut carrots into babies
Carrot geleè – need acetate sheet

5:30 pm Cotton candy machine on – make, cut, store
Make tortillas
Prep SA grape caviar and bath Bake sour cream scones

6 500 g lemongrass tea, 250 g sugar, 4 ½ sheet gelatin (softened)
Heat in saucepan til dissolved; add gelatin and immersion blend; pour in soda make with 2 charges, chill
Bake bread
Make carrot knots and chill in ice water

6:45 Cut champagne spaghetti
Start ice cream maker with beet sorbet
Bake brioche
7 pm Seat guests
7:10 Spaghetti on fork, in baking dish
Heat corn soup
7:20 Bread service, small plate with butter form
Candy baby carrots in palm sugar and szechwan
7:30 Beet sorbet on sour cream cake set in lemongrass foam with celery ice (fork scraped)
Batter and fry tunas
7:40 Black sesame paper, Chardonnay grap SA caviar on soup spoon, wine on base
Cut terrine for plating
7:50 Tuna Tempura, burning chile
8:05 Oyster Terrine, cocoa soil, fresh cantaloupe shavings, micro greens
8:20 Bean Soup: bean paper hung/covering over bacon powder; table poured hot corn soup
Start frying tortillas
Sunchoke gratins in oven
8:35 Patè: patè rectangle, draped in carrot geleè, topped with brioche slices, carrot droplets, candied baby carrots, textured ginger square, asparagus espuma
8:50 Lobster tea coconut milk ribbon, squash ravioli, caramelized seeds, mucovado mousse, 25-year balsamic
Fry carrot knots
Fry goat shreds
Bake cheddar crisps
9:10 Rabbit with fried carrot knots & jujubes; miso granola, sunchoke gratin; Cabrito carnitas, cilantro foam, juniper crumbles, avocado mousse in tortilla.
9:35 Whiskey Cheddar cheesecake & warm cider soup
9:45 Riesling Marshmallows & cheddar crisps


Foodycat said...

What is a sunchoke? Is it what I would call a Jerusalem artichoke or topinambour?

Gfron1 said...

Exactly. We have a couple of local producers who grow them.