Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Pot Luck Contest Winner Announcement!

A final thanks to everyone who participated in our Summer Pot Luck recipe contest. Every one of the recipes is worth making, and there wasn't one that we didn't enjoy.

Alexandra's Kitchen's Summer Strata

The Essence of Womanhood's Tortellini Salad

RAHiggin's Shrimp

Pimp that Food's Chicken in Pocket

Mark's Embutido

Meagan's Banana Ice Cream

And the winner of the electric espresso maker is....

Mark's embutido!!! I simply can't believe that I let a snout and tail dish win this contest, but it really was great. Thanks to all and I hope you'll try some of these summer pot luck recipes.


Manggy said...

A snout and tail dish! I love it :) Don't forget, we are the country that produced the much-loved sisig (sizzling fried pig's head cubes with chili and onions). I'm glad you liked it!!
Inspires me to make one for the weekend :) (embutido, not sisig)

Tri2Cook said...

Congrats Mark. I have to say that the recipe scared me a bit when Rob posted it. Sounds kinda like some of the stuff we came up with late at night in altered states of mind back in college... "here, put some of this in too". But I can't doubt something that has both your and Rob's seal of approval so maybe I'll try it. Only thing is, they don't sell vienna sausages where I live. Haven't seen 'em in years.

Manggy said...

No vienna sausages? Now THAT is a college breakfast/lunch :) We have a ton of local brands producing them, but the brands that most consistently gets imported here (and looks like our vienna sausages, in case there's variability) are Libby's and Armor.