Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Pot Luck Contest: Tortellini Salad

If you've been waiting anxiously for your submission to the summer pot luck contest, well, I'm getting through the recipes slowly. Tonight, RedKathy at TheEssenceOfWomanhood blog offered a Shrimp Tortellini Salad. She billed it as a "fast, easy, impressive crowd pleaser," and it was all of those things:

1 bag (16 oz) dried cheese tortellini
1 lb salad shrimp
1 red bell pepper
1 can medium black olives
2 small tomatoes
Garlic powder
Grated Parmesan or Romano(preferred) chees
Red wine vinegar Italian Salad Dressing (or make you own Italian dressing)

Cook pasta (al dente) according to package. When ready pour into colander and rinse in cold water. Allow to strain in colander. Add shrimp to pasta in colander. While pasta and shrimp are cooling/straining dice pepper and tomatoes and slice olives. Add pasta and shrimp to bowl. Add all vegetables, sprinkle top of mixture lightly with garlic powder, toss to mix. Cover salad with grated cheese and toss to mix. Add enough salad dressing to make everything moist. Refrigerate 1 hour. Flavor will strengthen while refrigerating.

I had to make a few modifications to fit what was available. First I used fresh tortellini from the deli section which was a nice change, but made for a larger pasta. Second, I used Drew's salad dressing because we sell it and know how good it is.

Thanks Kathy for the great entry! I helped myself to a little dessert of macadamia creme with fresh strawberrys in the new Lebovitz easy tart crust.

I'm still accepting entries for a few more days, so keep 'em coming. Next up a summer strata.

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redkathy said...

Glad you liked the salad. It is so easy and versatile. I've even prepared it "Greek style" with feta cheese, green olives, and Caesar dressing. Thanks for the opportunity and the link.
BTW - Your photos are awesome! My youngest is a fashion photographer and says that the art of food photography is way under rated.