Monday, May 4, 2009

Win a Free Espresso Maker: Summer Pot Luck Recipes

Summer is almost here. Time to have those late dinners on the veranda sipping grappa and enjoying a hot espresso. You've just finished off your dolmas, mini quiches and caprese salad, and now you're looking for the perfect finish. Being the owner of the Curious Kumquat has its privileges. One of them being free stuff to share with others.

Running the entire month of May, we'll be seeking your favorite summer pot luck recipes. It can be an appetizer, a bbq, drink...your choice, but it should be appropriate for pot lucks and summer. If you have a blog and already have a post about your favorite recipe, just send me the link, otherwise email the recipe to rob at connoley dot com and I'll bring them all together in sporadic posts.

What do you get for your time? The chance to win a brand new Bialetti Easy Caffè 6-cup electric espresso maker. It was about time they made one of these! You'll see them listed at just under $100 so this is a pretty nice blog prize. Winners have to be from North America to receive the espresso maker, although if you're off-continent and submit a recipe, and it wins, we'll do an Amazon certificate worth $100US. If you're in a country where the US dollar is essentially worthless, you can use it to buy yourself a cup of espresso instead.

Rules? Only a few. First, the recipe should be yours either new or modified. New recipes are rare, but don't lift it from someone else's site and claim it as your own at least add "Add parsley and serve" to make it your own. Second, Tyler and I, and our summer potluck guests will be the judges. No whining about us having bad tastes, that could be true, but... And finally, the last entry opportunity will be May 31st at midnight MST. Questions? Let's see what you've got!


RAHiggins1 said...

2 lb large shrimp with heads on
1/2 cup olive oil (your favorite)
1/2 cup or 1 stick butter, sweet, unsalted (again your favorite)
2 tsp garlic minced
one onion minced (green onion is mo better)
2 lemons halved, juiced
1/2 tsp lemon zest (from above said lemons)
1/2 cup bbq rub (you guessed it, your fave)
1 tbsp salt
2 tbsp Lea & perrins Worchester
1/4 tsp cayenne
Louisiana Original hot sauce
(No particular amount just season to taste)

Combine all ingredients except shrimps and put in the broiler until it almost burns. (throw those squeezed lemons in there too!)
Add shrimps and stir around a bit.
Put pan back in oven and let cook 5 minutes, remove, stir, and put back in oven.
Take shrimps out when done, place contents in a nice serving bowl on a platter. (Garnish with chives if you like)
Slice up a fresh baked Baguette and serve immediately with BBQ shrimps.

Be sure to sop up that gravy with that bread now!

Pam said...

Hmmm... I'll need to think on this one! My favorite potluck dishes are based on ingredients you may not be able to get, like fresh shelled field peas. But, you can get good peaches, this time of year, right?

RAHIggins1 shrimp recipe is intriguing. I do something similar, but pour the whole mess over the shrimp and refrigerate overnight (or at least several hours) until the butter and all is congealed, then throw the pan in a hot oven for about 5 minutes. But, I've never thought of it as a "potluck" kinda dish.

RAHiggins1 said...

I dunno, I feel pretty lucky if there's shrimp in the pot :)

redkathy said...

Shrimp Tortellini Salad. Great for summer and one of my favs for a crowd ie pot luck.

Deeba @Passionate About Baking said...

Got here from Manggy''ve got me thinking. Great great Espresso Maker..

alexandra said...

How generous of you! i'm not sure what could be better than a coffee-related giveaway. Are we limited to one entry a person?

This Summer Vegetable Strata recipe is one of my favorites for potlucks, but I have some others as well:

Gfron1 said...

Enter as many as you would like. When I get multiple entries I make one from each person first then i start my multi-recipe senders just in case I run out of time.

Pimp that Food said...

Hi there! It's pimpthatfood here. Keep up the good work. Here's my link to my recipe entry to this competition

Manggy said...

Here's a Filipino dish for ya:
Embutido (pork terrine. My family's recipe-- gulp, I hope you like it.)
500g ground pork. 50g dry unseasoned bread crumbs. 60g whole milk. 100g vienna sausages. 1 egg. 50g grated cheddar cheese. 2 tablespoons sweet pickle relish. 2 tablespoons raisins. 1 carrot, grated. 1 onion, minced. salt and pepper. hard-boiled eggs (quail eggs are probably prettiest).
In a large bowl, smoosh everything together. Form into 2-3 inch diameter logs (or use 8x3 loaf pans), with the eggs in the middle so the cross section shows when you cut the log later. Wrap each in foil (or cover the loaf pans with foil) and steam for an hour. Can be served cold/ at room temperature/ or pan-fry the log until the exterior is brown and crusty and it's heated through (my preferred method). Slice and serve.

Anonymous said...

Great give away, so glad i found your blog!

I love this recipe for potlucks and summer get togethers:
So fresh and light and screams summer but hearty enough to fill you up if you need it to: