Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tasting Menu: Summer 09 Preview

This Saturday is my next tasting menu. The point of these meals is to 1) see how much I can push my skills; 2) see how far I can push local/foraged ingredients; and 3) see if I can create a modernist foodie community in Silver City.

One of the many components in this menu is going to be pickled yucca blossoms, frozen with liquid nitrogen, and depending on how they turn out, either eaten as a crisp or powderized. I won't know until I have my liquid nitrogen on Friday.

Here is the preliminary menu:

Beet Lollis: horseradish coating
Cucumber juice w/bottarga caviar
Mint julep

Vegetable terrine: yucca blossoms; sprout granita; bottarga shavings
Sunflower sprout ice cream
(235g milk; 110g glucose; 70g yolk; 45g sugar; 3 g salt: blend; vacuum; 82 c for 30 minutes; pour hot over sprouts; blend; strain; freeze in ice cream maker)

Gazpacho Boba: clear tomato water seasoned with smoked paprika, cucumber juice, salt, white pepper; cucumber balls, mint alginate, freeze large piñon balls, dip in gelatin. Served in glass with straw mint leaf; tomato chip garnish

Jicama spaghetti, fresh mint julienne, lemongrass vinegar (pink book technique); saffron geleè

Monkfish ceviche; roasted corn salad; avocado pudding (p 66); basil oil; rice vinegar; salad

Clay packed bison sweetbreads set on top of sous vide tenderloin slices; Cherry reduction; paper thin potato dome filled with scoop of patè & anchovy butter; pickled carbonated juniper berries; kaolin potatoes; molasses

Goat cheese wrapped in local herbs set on plate with swirled powderized herbs (fried caper powder); cheese geleè on bread; dandelion greens with sherry walnut vinaigrette; cheese balls

dessert sampler in reds; sugar cello cage (red pepper; watermelon; raspberry sheets; tomato chips)

White truffled chocolate lollipop with liquid nitrogen mint leaves

Four Petit Fours: Madeleine; Lemon meringue mini; Macaron; verine in bodum sake; flexible chocolate as garnish

*Did I miss anything, Larry?


Tri2Cook said...

Wow. Completely insane but it sounds awesome. I wish I lived close enough to be at this one. I might leave the table and just come stand in the kitchen and watch the show. Do you have hired hands or are you flying solo?

Gfron1 said...

I still might webcast this just for practice. I'll see how I feel about it later. I just did my prep schedule and I'll be busy starting tomorrow morning through the event. I have Patrick A from eG, coming back to help me. Verjuice is coming to eat! I also am going to splurge and hire a dish washer for this event since that's what always slows me down and wears me out.

racheld said...

Dear Lord, Child,

You DO beat all.

Amazement, admiration, relief that it's not ME doing all that intricate preparing.

That measures out to almost three hours of solid, exacting work AFTER the guests arrive, and Heaven knows how much before.

Will you please have a photographer working while your hands are too busy.

Gfron1 said...

:) I'm a culinary masochist and wouldn't have it any other way. I wish I could afford to have a pro take pics, but I'll settle for having my new light box set up next to my plating table. I'll have plenty of pics.

Andrea said...

So sad I didn't get off my arse and come down this weekend.... :-(