Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Pot Luck Contest: Banana Ice Cream

Our final recipe in this never-ending contest comes to us from Meagan. As far as I know, Meagan doesn't have a blog (if you do let me know and I'll link to it.) If anyone else submitted a recipe and we didn't post it, then I either assumed it was just taken from someone elses site, or I missed it. Either way, if you think I have some more cooking to do, email me quickly!

From Meagan:
My most cherished summer memories are from my childhood, dumped with my brother at my grandparents' house in KY by my parents, who were looking to recapture a few weeks of their pre-child marriage days. Most of my time was spent following my grandmother around her garden, pulling weeds, playing with cousins and happily eating the most vegetable-laden meals of my life. We had many family gatherings (mostly when my parents decided to reclaim their children) and none were complete without making ice cream.

A few years ago I called my grandmother and asked her for the recipe to my favorite - banana. I was surprised to see how simple it is. So here it is: Grandmommy Kirksey's Banana Ice Cream....
4 eggs
3 cups sugar
1 large can evaporated milk
1/2 gallon whole milk
2 T. vanilla
4 mashed ripe bananas

Instructions: Mix together the eggs, sugar and evaporated milk. Microwave until good and hot, stopping to stir it every once in a while. Add the vanilla, whole milk and mashed bananas. Freeze using a churn or ice cream maker.

Our family always used a churn, as sitting on the porch and listening to it freeze gave us plenty of time to "visit." I love it in that semi-soft state, with totally naked except for the sweet banana flavor. But I guess you could top it with chocolate sauce for a little extra decadence. Freeze any leftovers (although we never had any!) in a plastic container.

My notes:
I used my frozen banana bread bananas that I thawed, and I let the mixture rest for 8 hours before putting in my machine. Very good ice cream and would have been even better with chocolate flakes or cacao nibs IMO. But that's all I can say for now.

So, last call for any recipes that I missed. Tyler and I have picked a winner pending no more recipes and we'll announce the winner in a few days.

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racheld said...

This is SO reminiscent of Summer Sunday afternoons WAY down South, when the family would gather at one house or another on the farm for a big freezer (sometimes two) of this wonderful ice cream. We had a whole orchard full of peach trees, cherry trees, even persimmons, and a big strawberry patch, but everyone's fave was the banana.

Depending on who made it, the recipe varied from a simple Eagle Brand/bananas/whole milk recipe to the coats-a-spoon custard almost exactly like yours.

I did learn the hard way that it wastes a LOT of ice unless you make the custard at least early enough for an ice-bath chill in the pot or a bowl. Putting the hot mixture right into the churn will melt more than one filling of ice before it even starts to freeze.

We have a tiny 3-pint Salton now for a small amount, and I think I'll make up some custard tomorrow a.m. for a making in the afternoon.