Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Recent NPR Event at the Store

Our local NPR affiliate - KRWG recently held a community coffee at our Cafè. Here are a few pics with my random comments...

This is me making sushi - actually making my wasabi balls. Its the one time that I allow myself to weep openly even in front of strangers. A few others notables (this is kind of like the old Highlights magazines in the doctor's office:
-The skillets hung on the walls: Why can't my staff figure out that they only fit in one direction? When they are about to fall off the wall, that's probably not where they go!
-The poster on the wall near the door is the bread manifesto from the Art of Eating
-The red dust buster on the wall never gets used - why do I take up space with it?
-All of our door covers are actually curtains from Wal-Mart.
-In the right side of the pic, cut off on the table is my $300 scale...she's my baby.
-See the two certificates - one is my facility license, the other is my caterers license. I'm probably the only business in town that follows the law and has both...makes me the fool.
-Three clocks in the kitchen (above the door, on the stove, on the microwave) and none say the same time.

My big moment! Well sort of. They asked me to do a testimonial, but I blew it because I only talked about the radio station - we don't watch TV so I never see PBS. The spot obviously was meant to run on TV.

Obligatory mug shot. Could we be any more boring..."Showing that Kumquat spirit!"

That's my resident tamale expert front and center, and for regular blog readers - the up the street- down the street neighbor. She's spending 2 months in Spain later this year...very jealous.


Tri2Cook said...

You're on a roll Rob. Milk it for all it's worth! Cool stuff.

Manggy said...

I hope someone catches it and puts it on Youtube, hee hee :)