Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bastille Bash!

We were invited to a friend's Bastille Day party. John and his wife, Judy, lived in France for a number of years, and now John works with us at the store. He has a story for everything! The party was the revelry that you would expect for a Bastille Day party...and here's what I was able to get pictures of from the food (most was already eaten).

First, lavender cactus and lavender lavender:

Then, some crazy Frenchman (actually I think he's Polish)

Here is some deer sausage that our friend's the Leidichs brought. It comes from their kid's backyard. In case the Game Warden is reading, we'll leave it at that. It was very good. Made by a German butcher, it was very similarly seasoned to Oberle Sausage, my childhood favorite.

I made a beautiful flourless chocolate torte with a mirror glaze and brandy macerated apricots, but it got devoured before I could get pics. I also bought some beets at our farmer's market, roasted them, sliced, drizzled with oil and served with pinon and Gorganzola Dolce.


Manggy said...

Great meal, Rob! No pics of the beautiful flourless chocolate torte?!!? Grrrr!!!! :P
I suppose customs ate up my package to you. That's depressing. By the way, I sent it to the original Curious Kumquat address listed on the package you sent me, which is curiously different from the one listed on the webpage...

Gfron1 said...

I was bummed that I didn't get a pic of the torte, but it was all chocolate and shiny so it wasn't the most exciting pic after all. And that package...I got it! If you've been following my eG topic about starting a restaurant, you've seen that in the past week, I've 1) quit my paying job, 2) got a catering job for 150 people, 3) prepared to change food vendors, 4) started the transition into the restaurant. In other words, I'm a lame friend who hasn't made time to send you a note. I was hoping to let you know by making something. That will be happening very, very soon! Thanks. :)

Manggy said...



Oopsie, I'll be looking at that thread now. I only spied it from the main page, I thought you were just a frequent replier, not the topic starter! I wouldn't have believed it if you didn't tell me (I thought the cafe items were intrinstic to the store). :)