Sunday, September 18, 2011

Foraged Possibilities

For all of my foraging friends if I suggested eating young, green acorns, what would you assume would be the taste experience? Probably astringent or tannin, right? These were green acorns off of scrub oak, pulled straight from the tree. I nibbled on one on the trail and was surprise how mild it was. I went back and pulled a bag full, braised them in a Chardonnay and then finally finished them with soy as they were cooling - the result was a tender, yet al dente nut with mild umami flavor. I added them to my current oxtail dish for texture and a bit of sharpness to counteract the richness and it worked very well. The nice thing is that there's plenty more available right now. My theory is that the tannins become more pronounced as the acorns mature, so I'll continue to test this theory as the season progresses.

Curious Kumquat


Anonymous said...

Gambel oak, eh?

SharleneT said...

Did you braise them in shell? I definitely want to try this, so give me a little clue... Thanks for sharing.

Gfron1 said...

Hi Sharlene, I remove them from the shell, which is easier when they are green, braise them covered, low and slow, and then finish them with a flavor - in this case soy which absorbs as it cools.