Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Pastry Forum Day 3: Chocolate & Confections Finishing Work

After we had made the hundreds and probably thousands of chocolates and confections it was time to coat them. Fortunately we had an enrobing machine. Cost - $47,000.

This machine tempers, enrobes, blows the top of the bon bons, vibrates the excess off, then sets the bon bons off on a conveyor belt to be boxed by a bunch of chefs.

We sent through the liqueur filled sugar shells.

and got these...

We hand cut the caramels and wrapped them by hand.

Some of the bon bons had nuts placed on top.

Some were coated, nuts set on top, the chocolate holding the nuts before running them through for a second coating.

Some were garnished with saffron threads as they came out of the machine.

Some had a fork tong touched, pulled up slightly then drawn back toward the fork handle.

Others had a texture sheet layed on top with a bit of pressure to ensure that the texture took

Others had a grid pressed onto the top

Nice finish...

and ultimately we set up the buffet station with all of our creations...

all of which were devoured within an hour.


racheld said...

OH. My.

I cannot speak.

Exquisitely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Omigawd. I am totally blown away by the last few days of your life.