Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Pastry Forum Day 2: More Ganache & Paté de Fruit

Here's the wrap-up of the ganache recipes. First were some bars using Hazelnut Praliné bon bons:

1300 g Hazelnut praliné
120 g Milk chocolate
125 g Mycryo cocoa butter

Melt chocolate, add cocoa butter and mix in with the praliné.

Pour mix into pre-poured bar shells dusted with shimmer powder.

Cap off the bars and let set up overnight.

Kona Coffee Ganache
550 g Cream
100 g Soribitol powder
215 g Dextrose
160 g Butter
220 g Glucose
5 g Lecithin liquid
640 g 65% chocolate
235 g Kona coffee, rough crushed
20 g Mycryo cocoa butter

Start by steeping the beans with the cream, sorbitol, dextrose, glucose and lecithin for at least 10 minutes, but not more than 30.

Strain beans out and re-warm the cream. In food processor crush chocolate, add warm cream and then cocoa butter. Blitz until smooth and glossy. Pour into your frame until set.

Coriander Praliné bon bons
1500 g Almond praliné
120 g Mycryo cocoa butter
120 g Milk chocolate
7 g Coriander seeds, crushed
A drop of coriander extract

Make ganache as in the previous recipes with the addition of the coriander powder and extract at the end.

For this batch we tempered the mix on the marble before pouring it into our forms.

As before we poured the ganache into forms that were previously lined with tempered chocolate on acetate.

Enough making get the idea and the technique. After the ganaches set for the night we pulled out the guitar cutter. We received a good reminder to double check our guitar settings since when we went to box the chocolates they were too big to fit into their cavities.

Then the team set to separating the bon bons...and eating lots of trimmings.

And separating and labeling before we forgot which was which.

Hold that thought and we'll switch to paté de fruit. First is Lemon paté de fruit.

1200 g Lemon juice
330 g Pear puree (for texture)
120 g Granulated sugar
33 g Yellow pectin
405 g Glucose powder
1275 g Granulated sugar
3 g Lemon extract
9 g Tartaric acid
6 g Water

In a saucepan, combine the lemon and pear. In a bowl combine pectin and the 120 g sugar and whisk well. In another bowl combine the 1275 sugar and glucose. Set your frames lined with acetate on a marble. And finally, combine the tartaric acid with the water and dissolve. Cook on high whisking energetically until you feel like your arm is going fall off. Cook the juice and puree to 45-50ºC, then add the pectin sugar mix and cook two minutes. Add the second sugar mix and cook a minimum of 15 minutes.

The mix will sputter and splatter, but keep whisking until your refractometer (reads sugar concentration) reads 72 brix. If you don't have a refractometer you can cook to 105-106ºC.

Finally, add the tartaric acid mix and whisk well. Pour into the frames immediately. On one of our batches we delayed in pouring the mix and when it came time to cut the paté they cracked and were unusable.

This lemon paté was poured and then topped with an earl gray ganache.

Part two coming shortly.


Food Junkie said...
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Food Junkie said...

How did you pour a warm pate de fruit on top of a ganache without the ganache melting?

Gfron1 said...

I've edited my description. We poured the pate, let it set, then added a new frame and poured the ganache.

Jeff Stern said...

I figured it had to be that way! Thanks for the follow-up.