Thursday, July 1, 2010

World Pastry Forum Day 1: Nougat

We made two nougat to close out the day. First was a chocolate nougat:

380 g Honey
310 g Granulated sugar
90 g Glucose
120 g Water
100 g Egg whites
260 g Cocoa pure paté, melted and cooled
200 g Green pistachios, toasted but still green
300 g Almonds, toasted
75 g Orange confit peel
10 g Vanilla extract

The key is to have your honey and sugar mixture hit the right temp at the same time so Chef started the sugar mixture first. Combine sugar, glucose and water in a sauce pan and cook to 170ºC. When the sugar mixture hits 110ºC then start the honey which you take to 121ºC.

At this point I am coveting his induction burners for their speed. Also when the sugar hits 110-115º put the whites in a mixer and start them on slow. Meanwhile, set up your frames - no need to oil them according to Chef. Dust the base with dextrose. As the mixtures get closer to temp, add 15 g sugar to the whites and make a meringue. Mix low-med speed until fluffed almost firm.

While whipping on low, add the honey first and once fully incorporated, then add the sugar mixture. Both must go in at the correct temperature so if you need to slow down the eggs, just adjust the speed. Scrape down the sides and finish the mix. Warm the bowl with a torch or heat gun and continue mixing until the meringue dries a bit - this was demonstrated by the meringue peeling away from the sides in a very obvious dry way. Now add the chocolate and mix until combined.

By hand fold in the nuts and fruit.

Press the nougat into the frame and dust with dextrose. Now it won't be sticky so press with hands until nice and smooth. This will rest on the counter overnight.

White Soft Honey Nougat

345 g Honey
435 g Sugar cubes
145 g Mineral water
90 g Glucose DE38
72 g Egg whites
15 g Granulated sugar
120 g Mycryo cocoa butter (helps it hold its shape)
350 g Hazelnuts
150 g Dried apricots, chopped
4 drops of lavender extract (Terra spice has a nice one)

Follow the same process where the honey goes to 121º and the sugar mixture goes to 156º. The extract and cocoa butter are incorporated at the point of the chocolate in the previous description.

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