Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Pastry Forum Day 2: Feuilletés Pralinés

Before I show all of the finishing work we had a demo of Feuilletés Pralinés candies. For anyone ambitious enough to try these, here is the recipe:

330 g Hazelnuts, toasted
250 g Confectioners sugar
70 g Hazlenut paste

Process these ingredients well, place in bowl and set under a heat lamp to keep them warm, mixing from time to time. The bowl should stay at 50-60ºC.

1000 g Cane sugar cubes
330 g Mineral water
150 Glucose DE38
2 g Tartaric acid
8 g Cinnamon extract
2 Vanilla beans
Food coloring of your choice

Combine sugar, water and glucose in large saucepan and heat to 159ºC. Add the acid and cinnamon.

Pour sugar onto silpat with the vanilla beans.

Add your first food coloring remembering to go from lightest to darkest. Swirl in the pan to mix.

When the sugar is firm enough to handle, but still very warm, start stretching and folding.

Do this with all of the colors you wish to use. Ultimately roll out the white sugar in a light box keeping sugar warm but solid at all times.

Spread the duma in the sugar, quickly seal the edges well, trim excess.

Next take logs of the colored sugar and line up.

Lay on the filled section and again stretch and fold a number of times being careful not to damage the skin and cause leaking.

And through some candy magic and a cool confectionary toy...

quickly laying your logs on the toy cutting quickly...

You'll have these gorgeous candies.

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