Saturday, May 15, 2010


Any serious sushi connoisseur knows that Omakase means "I put myself in the hands of the chef." Literally it means "Its up to you." I would love to have a collection of comparable phrases in other languages. Anyone want to help? If you speak another language, or if you know someone who does, could you post a reply with the phrase in the other language that someone could use in a restaurant to tell the chef that you trust them and will eat whatever they want to serve you. Thanks.

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Manggy said...

In the Philippines, this is such a bizarre request outside a sushi bar. Sometimes menus have a "chef's recommendations" section or markers. Often prices of menu items are so widely varied that this request doesn't seem very practical (which is probably why it only applies to sushi bars here). But if I were to request this in tagalog,

"Bahala na ang chef na pumili para sa akin."
(It's up to the chef to choose for me.)
Operative phrase being "bahala na" = it's up to... Bahala na ang diyos! (I guess you can infer what that translates to.)

I hesitate to use the translation for chef ("tagaluto") because it really translates to "cook" and we all know what a can of worms that opens (around the world).