Friday, May 7, 2010

Menu 2.0

Bread Course
Sage financier
Tomato bread

Dinner 1
Tuna wasabi shooter & caviar
Chilled pea soup with daikon dots and steamed edamame
Vessel of unagi, smoke, savory tuile, white chocolate risotto & caviar
Salmon with red thai curry and sunflower sprout ragout
Dinner 2
Mozzarella wrapped in tomato gelée
Brie and pear soup
Watercress barlotto
Grilled lamb loin with almond espuma

Dinner 3
Chickpea feta garlic: garlic, chick/cous & feta
Sunchoke soup with olive oil milk foam & arugula pudding
Poached asparagus with GRATED cured yolk of local fowl
Marinated early vegetables

Dinner 4
Goat cheese with local greens and beetroot, Bee Chama honey and walnut dressing
Brie and pear soup
Clayed purple potatoes on basil pesto with parma ribbons and olive oil pudding
Burger on brioche

Strawberry Frasier
Passionfruit chocolate many layers


Tri2Cook said...

Very nice. I'm ready to switch to spring mode too but winter is having a tough time going away this year. It was nice for a couple weeks but it's been cold and raining (and a little snowing) since.

Lois B said...


Rob, I really think you and Tyler would be much happier in Tucson. (I may have an ulterior motive.)

Gfron1 said...

Hmmm...I don't know Lois. Pollution, crime, traffic, over stimulation, rat race...I'll think about it ;)

Manggy said...

I'm being very predictable here, but I'd love to see what your Fraisier looks like :)
And, as usual, everything looks quite inspired. Way to go Rob!