Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Menu 2.0 cntd

Here are a few more of the dishes from our current dinner menu. You saw this in the previous post on salt cured egg yolk - poached asparagus, enokitake mushrooms, cured yolk.

Roasted walnut tossed chickpeas, cous cous, feta, sunflower sprout, roasted red pepper.

Here's a cool one for ya - fired goat cheese croquette, picked beet, but then look the left. That goat cheese is about 1" across. See the little blob? I have a local farmer who has a chicken laying runts. The egg was no more than a half inch across. I sous vide soft poached the eggs, and then cracked them into the dish - very tasty! Let's hope that chicken keeps under performing.

Clay baked purple potatoes, olive oil pudding, basil pesto, parmesan cream, parmesan strips. This was prettier than the pic lets on to.

Roasted vegetables with almond espuma.

Raw tuna, wasabi crema and caviar.

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Manggy said...

So, kind of like a quail egg then!?! (just kidding :) I'd like to try them all, the fried goat cheese most especially :)