Sunday, April 4, 2010

My next adventure

Do you all ever get the feeling that my life is like a roller coaster? I'm not sure what I'm doing to have such a crazy life.

(photo credits embedded in the watermark)
The latest...I'm cooking a weekend of meals for Conde Nast Traveler staff. The story is really about the New Mexico ecotourism initiative, but I was picked to do the meals. The plans have changed so many times with the reporter and photo team's schedules, but the final plan is this:

Three full meals over two days at Ted Turner's Ladder Ranch
One full day of meals at the Hermosa ghost town

The coordinator called for "simple snack" and "easy breakfast"...she clearly doesn't know me. I'll be pulling a number of my new dinner items, and I want to do locally sourced foods. My real feat will be if I can pull off sous vide in a dutch oven. And I can't wait to see what Ted Turner's kitchen has in it!

Anyway, more on this later - my new staff is doing great so I have rest coming, and right after this big dinner we have our annual bike race which will be even bigger with the return of Lance Armstrong. And did I mention that our liquor license should be coming in any time now?


racheld said...

Your oh-so-elegant plate seems to be quite nicely full. (But if you should find room for just a little smitch of that beef-heart salad . . .)

And your anticipation of walking into an unknown kitchen, to cook such wonderful food---you young folks do beat all.

Can't wait to see the photos, and hear about all those lovely inventive things you do with your ingredients.

Manggy said...

Ooh, the bike race again. Huge day!!
Happy birthday uncle rob :P

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