Monday, August 24, 2009

Technique: Puffed Rice

I've had good and bad luck when it comes to puffing rice. Regular white rices puff just fine, but when you get to specialty rices, all depends. Recently I used the Jade Pearl rice from Lotus Foods and they puffed perfectly.

Cook as usual in rice cooker. When done, layer on a cookie sheet and swish around with your fingers to break up lumps and allow for the most even drying. Either put sheet in 200ºF oven for a few hours or an off oven overnight. When relatively dry to the touch, toss with a bit of corn starch. Heat your oil to 350ºF. Make sure you use a large enough pan to accommodate the foaming of the hot (and dangerous) oil. Let cook for about 2 minutes, skim out and dry on paper towels. Great for rice krispie treats, dessert garnish, savory granola, or whatever else you can think of.

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