Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crock Pot Winning Prize

Bethany's chili was the winner since I didn't know how to contact Pam, but then Pam checked in...just after the deadline :( I decided to send Pam a slightly smaller prize, and Bethany still gets the grand prize:

Bethany will receive:
Croxetti hand-stamped Pasta from Ritrovo
Matcha Green Tea
New Mexico Piñon CoffeeSalsa Patria salsa (the best salsa anywhere)
Mano y Metate hand-made molè from Tucson
Athena Dolmades
Our new favorite jarred tuna - Tonnino from Costa Rica
Ginger Pumpkin soup from Nueva Cocina
My own lemon curd
and Kookaburra Red Licorice

Pam, for being a day late and a dollar short will receive:
Salsa Patria
Mano & Metate Molè
New Mexico Piñon Coffee
and my lemon curd and jasmine orange marmalade

Thanks again to everyone who participated!


Manggy said...

Yayloot! Congratulations to the two winners! :)

OnrushPam said...

Oh! I can't wait for the goodies to arrive! Mmmm.. lemon curd!

Rob, let me know if you want a big box of Meyer lemons next winter. I might even deliver them in person, if we decide to go hunting in December.

Gfron1 said...

Are you joking! Of course I would love a box of Meyers...the things I could do with them!

Tri2Cook said...

Congrats to both winners. I'm going to have to give those recipes a try the next time I dig the crockpot out of hiding.