Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crock Pot Recipe #3: Bethany Joy's White Chili

Talk about fast and simple! Bethany Joy said to put a chicken breast, a can of great northern beans, and a jar of salsa (I used Salsa Patria...best ever). Put the lid on and walk away. When its time to eat, shred the chicken with a couple of forks.

Prep time (less than 2 minutes). Burn risk rating: zero (thank goodness). And it was really good - I have to admit that I was surprised. I would top it with fresh avocado if I did it again.

Thanks sis!


Gloria Chadwick said...

That chili does look really good. Nice and easy, too. Would you like to enter it in the chili cook-off at my San Antonio blog?

bethanyjoy said...

Mmm...avocado. Good call. I'm sure you can put some on the leftovers, because I know you didn't eat it all.

Gfron1 said...

Thanks Gloria. I'll have to let Bethany Joy subit it since its her recipe. I'll tell you what though - I'm still amazed how much I liked it. I expected it to suck (no offense BJ), but not only did it not suck, it was good.