Saturday, January 5, 2008

The star of my eye

Here is a Lemon Caramel tartlet. I used a silicon form that was a gift from Tyler's mom to bake the custard, and homemade lemon caramel. I'm looking for friends to share these with - I'm sweating sugar at this point!

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Manggy said...

Oh Rob, it's finally happened, haha! :) I gained 5 pounds in the last month, so I'm not pleased. I've sworn off desserts that I did not make (received a lot of store-bought whatevers from people as gifts), snacking, and I'm running half an hour a day; I want to be lighter than when I was in med, so I want to lose more than 9 pounds. So far, the only dessert I've eaten is a Savoiardi ladyfinger a day. (obviously the swearing off part is inaccurate, but it was only 30 calories at least.)

That looks amazing, it's your own recipe I suppose. I bought two silicone forms over the holidays as I did not know if they would ever be available again. I'm conceptualizing what to come up with.