Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gobbled Up

Today I got to make a turkey for our local LGBT Thanksgiving potluck. Actually Tyler volunteered us, then promptly left for Tucson. Anyway, not being a turkey maker/roaster/cooker dude, I consulted for unique but trustworthy cooking techniques. I settled with a technique offered by The_Old_Foodie, a woman from New Zealand. She suggested emersing your turkey in milk overnight, covered. Then bake as usual, but breast down, in the milk. I did and it was incredibly moist, and gave a super broth for the gravy. It was a huge hit. (My little secret - I also stuffed pancetta under the skin just to be sure.)


Manggy said...

I wish I'd seen a pic! Was it brown and crispy? (Sorry, is it supposed to be that way? I've never had a whole roast turkey before.) I wonder how much better it is than brining.

Rob said...

I've never brined, but the bird was brown and crispy - actually the back was very crisply - the breasts were less so since they were cooked down in the liquids. I could have lifted the whole bird with a rack during roasting to make it all crisp, but I didn't.

bethanyjoy said...

You used the word "moist" in your post...hehe.

And the turkey was yummy. Thanks. And thanks to Tyler for volunteering you. :)