Sunday, August 12, 2007

Survivalist Dining Pt. 3

The thing about survivalist dining is that its really only about proving to your spouse that it can be done. No less than twice a week, we come home and Tyler says, "We don't have anything to eat." That prompts me to open the cupboards and the fridge and come up with a voila meal. 85% of the time they are good (15% we won't talk about). So going into my second week of no shopping and no major cooking, I grabbed a can of masaman curry, 2 coconut milks (regular and light) and chopped up a potato and zucchini (a meal for less than $5). I poured it over sticky rice and added some coconut and peanuts. Great meal - and leftovers for two more meals. Who says we don't have anything to eat?!

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