Monday, August 20, 2007

We're Rooting For Ya

I spent my final weekend before Tyler's return cranking out recipes. I chose a Filipino focus in honor of an eGullet friend who had just passed his final med school exams. I'll post a variety of pics, but the last one - cassava cake is the most interesting. I had my mom ship me a cassava root and a few other key ingredients that I couldn't find. Filipino Cassava cake is apparently like a Texas sheet cake - found at almost any potluck or family gathering. But every recipe ended in "dump a can of sweetened condensed milk over the top." That was just too much - I'm sure it was good, but too much (even for me). I lightened the cake itself and then topped it with a mango mousse. The mousse was then topped with a pineapple gelee that I infused lemongrass into. Nice flavor combination. I also experimented with the crust using both filo dough and lumpia wrappers. The filo was pretty, but of course, soggy. The lumpia turned out well - not super crisp, but convenient and well suited for this cake.

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Manggy said...

Thanks so much Rob! Did Tyler get a taste of any? Must be funny/great to find yourself spontaneously entertaining all the time just to finish these sugary treats. I find it amazing that you were able to source such ingredients given that your place is quite isolated (? I actually don't know much about it... All I know is that it's at a high altitude). I'm linking to this!