Thursday, June 16, 2011

Curious Kumquat News

Two recent news worthy bits:

We have our next modernist tasting dinner scheduled for Saturday, July 2nd at the Curious Kumquat. I have already committed 2/3 of the seats and haven't even advertised it yet so I wanted to make sure that all previous attendees knew of the event before it completely sold out.

For this dinner I will be going back to my roots. For the past couple of meals I've focused on venues and themes and strayed from my foray into modernist techniques. Not so for this meal. Once again I'll be pushing the experimental fronts that I most enjoy, bringing you new flavor combinations, new cooking techniques and new scientific materials.

Ian McKay will once again serve as our sommelier for the evening. The dinner will be at least 10 courses with 5 wine pairings. Dinner will begin promptly at 6 and costs $75. The dinner with wine pairing upgrade is $85 (great value). We will also offer a very limited Super Flight wine pairing ($100) which will pour the original 5 wines plus 3 additional pairings of an upper tier wine (let's just say rare and fancy).

If you are interested, please call Marsh at 534-0337.

If you blinked you missed it. Overnight our desolate cheese case became bursting at the seams. It is not a secret that we've struggled to keep the cheese case full over the years. That was part of a very complicated delivery system. We're now trying something new that gives us much faster access to our cheeses. So...let's see if this works better for all of us. Here are just a few of the new cheeses & meats:

1. Cambazola: German mix of blue cheese and brie.
2. Fontini: Not rare, but its impossible to get a high quality version here in town.
3. Brie: Ours is a 60% from France.
4. Livradois: A morbier style semi-firm cheese with ash layer.
5. Mimolette: French yellow cheese that's great for summer grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches.
6. Leicester: British cheddar-like cheese.
7. Gruyere: Simply the best for melting.
8. Roaring 40's Blue: Australian best seller.
9. Maytag Blue: The quintessential American blue cheese.
10. Apricot Stilton: Blasphemous to do this to Stilton (but in the summer we still love it).
11. Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog: Creamy goat. Firm goat. Ash. All in one.
12. Delice de Jura: Super creamy and a bit funky.
13. Garrotxa: Firm Spanish goat cheese.
14. Ardi Gasna Lait: Nutty ewe's milk cheese.
15. Crottin de Champcol: This is what French goat cheese is famous for.

Olives, Butter, Meats:
1. Ligurian Olives
2. Isigny Ste. Mére: French salted butter
3. Echo Falls Smoked Salmon
4. Venison sausage with merlot and blueberries
5. Rabbit sausage with white wine
6. Olive Oil crisps from Spain
7. Spanish chorizo - hot and regular
8. Harissa seasoning in tube

Curious Kumquat


Bo Carstens said...

Hi Folks

Your restaurant looks great - and so do your ideas on food.
But how do I make a reservation without a telephone? The reservation form is not showing on your web!

Gfron1 said...

The contact link is where you would do that - just leave the day/date and time and we'll take care of the rest. This time of year tends to be slow so reservations are not a problem.

Bo Carstens said...

OK - the contact link does not work - or I cannot make it work. But I am passing by for a dinner on 28. September! 1 person, 7pm anyway!

Gfron1 said...

Thanks for the heads up - we recently upgraded our software which must have killed the contact system. Anyway...I've got you down for the 28th of Sept.