Sunday, March 27, 2011

Odd things in my kitchen...aka Justin Bieber decapitated

Here's a glimpse into my kitchen from a non-food perspective. First, let's start with Justin Bieber's head.

Why is Justin's head on my cup of local bee pollen? Well, remember my Chocolate Fantasia chocolate sculpture from a month ago? I created an homage to Willy Wonka and I needed an Augustus Gloop. If you remember he was a portly lad, so when I went shopping for a portly doll, as you can imagine, there weren't any. So then I looked for beefy...GI Joe or a wrestling doll. Oddly enough, Justin Bieber's doll was the beefiest of them all! Well, the end of the story is that I had to decapitate poor Justin to make it all come together.

Next is a gift from one my servers.

Yes friends, next to my Valhrona white chocolate is a penis lamp. Not sure how to defend that one. If you look just to the right you'll see a small penis that customer gave me hoping it would fit on the lamps "switch." It was too small.

Good luck.

A customer brought me this good luck talisman. I think it was from Korea but I can't seem to remember, but it looks over our kitchen.

I gave my first python cooking lesson recently which led to a friend suggesting Revuelta's poem/chant Sensemay√° which led to me overplaying the YouTube of the corresponding orchestral piece.

And finally, here's Justin's pants. Just don't ask why his fly is ripped. Some secrets are best kept in the kitchen.

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SharleneT said...

I hope you have knitted something for the little switch during the cold days of winter... Come visit when you can.