Sunday, December 5, 2010

My latest dishes

As I mentioned previously, currently I'm looking at indigenous foods and historic Apache diets. Naturally I'm twisting them in my own way, but I think its a good place for me to be right now as I settle into my dinner menus. I'm beginning to work with area experts on indigenous foods and Apache diets, so those will make an even stronger mark in the months to come.

Squash, lavender pudding, cacao bean, gruyere, parsley, bee pollen

I have two soups - roasted chayote with pepper and cilantro oils; and tea smoked duck consomme

One of the first pictures taken with my new camera - butternut frites, three sisters (squash, corn and white teparary beans), and white truffle oil powder

Elk osso bucco, creamed corn, wilted arugula, baby corn

Beef cheek, blue cheese grits, wilted arugula, spiced caramel corn - not my best plating

Deconstructed relleno - farmers cheese wrapped in whole wheat fillo atop three sisters, with roasted peppers, squash disk, powdered bean soup and mango coulis

Tea smoked duck breast, acorn blini, duck foam, three sisters, juniper infused goat yogurt, duck reduction

My current intermezzo - figs that have been soaked in limoncello for four weeks, Point Reyes blue cheese, candied pecans, agave nectar

My current dessert - bison mince meat, pecan praliné mousse, saffron infused pistachio butter, cacao

Needless to say I'm glad to have my camera back and I seem to be getting the hang of it. I used to have a simple point and click, and now I have an EOS Rebel XTi with my lenses from back in the film days. The photos above with black backgrounds were taken with the new camera AFTER I read the manual, so I think I'll get better the more I play.


Tri2Cook said...

I made some effort to explore the traditional indigenous foods of the area I'm in. It's primarily based around moose, deer, beaver, partridge, waterfowl and fish. Wild rice, blueberries, chokecherries, fiddleheads, assorted mushrooms and bannock play their parts as well. I really want to get deeper into it at some point.

I've done a few dishes based on what I've learned but I've never attempted to create an entire menu around it. It's awesome seeing how what you're learning is inspiring your menu. Looks like some tasty food.

SharleneT said...

Could I move in? You have the most wonderful adventurous palate and have come up with some fantastic dishes!

BTW - I bought that Living Cookbook software and could hug you, forever! I love it! OMG, everything is sooooo easy, now. Thanks for the tip. Now, fix something with elk heart! And, come visit when you can...

Gfron1 said...

Thanks guys. I'm really feeling comfortable with what I'm doing and I hope it shows to my customers.