Friday, December 17, 2010

Foraging Workshop January 17th, 2011

As I get deeper in the foraging aspect of our restaurant, I've sought the assistance of Doug Simons, a man who lived in the Gila Wilderness for many years. Doug lived exclusively off the land and when he finally stepped back into civilization he started teaching workshops. Doug will be teaching an Edible Gila Wilderness workshop on Monday, January 17th from 10-4. The workshop is free for anyone wanting to forage for me, and $25 for all others. The workshop will have follow-ups in May and October as the seasons change. I'm also working on an agave roasting workshop in the spring. Any out of towners I'll throw in a free dinner at my place.


Loretta McSween said...

Thanks Rob and Doug for such a delightful and informative day. I was so impressed by Doug's first hand knowledge of our native foods and his relationship to these plants.Rob, I'm looking forward to eating your beautiful, healthy creative meals.
Loretta McSween

Raphael said...

It was a really great day! I wanted to share my first wild dinner with you. I made a New Mexican / Middle Eastern pilaf.

In a rice cooker I put two cups of the Lundberg wild and brown rice mix along with two big handfuls of crushed wild grape leaves (even more would have been good) I dropped in a nugget of ghee and used chicken broth instead of water.

While that was steaming, I caramelized an onion in some more ghee. When the onion was almost done, I added some ground lamb and let that brown. Next came some Piñoles and a little salt. Right before it was done, I added a handful of currants and some minced parsley.


Once they steamed for a while the wild grape leaves added a really nice tangy, earthy note to the whole dish. It was hard not to over eat. Though, next time, I might omit the ghee in the rice as it was a little oily.

Thanks again!