Sunday, August 15, 2010

Current Menu a few dishes: Summer 10

Here are a few of my current dishes. This menu is less technical and more focused on flavor balance.

Inspired from my favorite food when I did a climbing expedition to Peru a few years back - papas rellenos. A seasoned potato cube filled with picadillo, garnished with mango, minted sour cream and molé.

Cuitlacoche (Huitlacoche) Salmon with braised brussels sprouts. The plating has improved since this pic.

Showing off some Bauscher Contour plates, here is an unagi filled squash blossom.

Bacon wrapped bacon with my pork belly reduction on grilled cornbread planks.

100 Layer Pear - From our back yard, 100 layers of pear with ginger and ricotta cheese.


Tri2Cook said...

Another nice menu. I'm not familiar with papas rellenos but that picture and description has me wanting to do some investigating. 100 Layer Pear has given me a kick in the curiosity as well.

Gfron1 said...

The 100 layer pears is just a spin-off of Herme's 24 hour apples. Infinitely adaptable I'm finding. The rellenos are something dear to my heart. I did a big climbing expedition in Peru a few years back and when I came off the mountain I was emaciated and broke. Each night at dusk in the little mountain town that I used as my base women would fling open their kitchen windows and hang signs out selling rellenos for just one sol (about 30 cents US). I survived on these and chifa (Chinese food) until I could get back to civilization and money. One of the fondest memories I have.

Sharlene T. said...

OMG! These look so scrumptuous... I'm going to do that salmon dish, this weekend... yum... thanks for sharing...

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