Monday, November 9, 2009

Recent desserts

I'm finally feeling caught up enough to play with some desserts (translation - its been slow at the store). Here are two I made this morning.

I was playing with a pâte à foncer dough and made a peach tartlet where I soaked the peaches in light rum and cardamom, and then drizzled a light caramel on top as it came out of the oven. That was a nice breakfast.

And, brushing up on some techniques...three layers of flourless chocolate disk (meringue based), two layers of cinnamon pastry cream, tempered chocolate, house roasted cacao nibs, rum soaked disk, mirror glaze, all surrounded by chocolate mousse. No chocolate was lower than 75% so that should give you a good buzz.


Kevin Knox said...

Dazzling! These are some of the most mouth watering desserts we've seen anywhere.

Thanks for sharing,

Kevin and Erin

racheld said...

Young Man, you get more done before breakfast than anybody besides farmers.

Could you find a REALLY slow day sometime, and photograph the steps? I'm way past curious to see how you got all those discs and mousses and creams into that fantastic shape.

And mirror glaze, indeed!! Just gorgeous.

(my secret word is corphoar---would that be a business junkie?
A frosty body?)

Gfron1 said...

Thanks and Rachel, I'd be happy to do a step-by-step. I haven't had too many readers for a while so I've been using the blog as more of a memory dump for myself. I'm going to work on something today so I'll get it posted soon...and btw, I'm going in late since its my day off.