Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here's to the ladies who lunch

Okay is my first video! This is from my all time favorite movie - Camp, and this is one of my absolute favorite scenes.

Why would I add this video, you ask. Well, I made two desserts recently that were inspired by my ladies who lunch - a group of three women who have graced me with their presence every Wednesday so much so that they deserved their own dessert.

They love chocolate, so this is an 8" tart using my 5 minute crust, filled with 82% ganache, topped with a flourless chocolate meringue disc, orange marmalade, toasted pecans, a huge pillow of chocolate mousse, and more of the meringue discs for lunchtime gaudiness! Did I mention they like chocolate?

And another that was more about just having fun with the same components. Inside the chocolate mousse are the meringue discs, a Kahlua soaked sponge, and topped with mirror glaze and a ultra vanilla cone that was spray painted for velvet effect.

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Tri2Cook said...

I'm completely unfamiliar with the movie but those desserts look and sound great. That chocolate tart has to push to the very edge of chocolate overload but you added orange marmalade to balance and pull it back into the realm of decadent instead of too-much-of-a-good-thing. Nice!

We had a group of ladies who would come in for lunch once or twice every week, more often in the summer when they could sit outside on the deck. I used to grin when they'd walk in because, although they were really nice ladies and really good customers, they were very demanding on the waitstaff. You could watch the waitstaff roll their eyes, sigh and begin hoisting up their best smiles.
The ladies liked to come in on thursdays because I aways sent them samples of whatever dessert I did for the weekly thursday night catered dinner we did for the Rotary Club's meetings. The waitstaff hated me for that because it kept them coming back.