Thursday, April 30, 2009

TGRWT #17: Rose & Apple

I didn't have much time for this month's TGRWT challenge. With the big bike race in town, I opted for a quickie that would demonstrate the tasting functionality. My first try was fried apple strings topped with a rose geleè sphere. More for looks than anything else, it gave me a good pic:

Then I did an apple rose cheesecake:

This was not an earth shattering pairing, but a good one for real use in a real meal. To my way of thinking, rose is the real challenge. It is very difficult to not have a rose dish turn into a potpourri disaster. We don't need to reminisce about my worst dessert ever which involved rose water.

For both of these desserts I opted for Cortas rose syrup. In syrup form, much of the floral notes are minimized under the sweetness. The flavors naturally worked well, and probably best in the cheesecake. The sphere was fine, but lacked pizazz even though I had added some telicherry pepper. I see the best use of this combination in a savory dish with these two as accents.

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Manggy said...

Hey, just be glad the sphere didn't explode into a pool of potpourri! I do like the fried apple strings. Has a lot of promise :)