Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mind if I freak out for a moment

This week, our little hamlet in the mountains is having its big bike race. Its a big deal any year, but this year Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis and some other famous dude are coming. There are already rumors that our grocery stores will be sold out of many items. Hotels are book as far away as towns 90 minutes away. Yeah, this is gonna be big.

So, lil' ol' me with my two cheapie paninni presses and electric residential stove is so not prepared for the onslaught that is coming. I would love to have siezed this opportunity to be the shining star, but I think its more realistic to survive getting good and affordable food out there. I just don't want to run out. But how do you prepare for 175 pro riders, their support teams, their families, the media, the onslaught of fans. Best guess at this point is around 50,000 people inundating out town of 10,000....I have 12 seats.

Wish me luck or better yet, come help me chop vegetables!


Manggy said...

Good luck! I will be chopping vegetables for you in spirit.

Gfron1 said...

Well, the news is in. No Lance due to some cycling federation rule. But we still have Landis coming along with some 450 other riders and their entourages. The feedings start tonight!