Monday, March 14, 2016

Morel Hunting Season Is Here

I'm in a precarious location. On one hand I'm way down south almost to the Mexican border. On the other, I'm up in the high desert mountains of the Gila Wilderness. So as morel season approaches I never know how early to go out looking. So yesterday I did a little recon at a spot that has a strong riparian area - the convergence of Big Dry and Spruce creeks starting at the Little Dry trailhead.

Not an easy hike, which is why I'm willing to share the location. 4 or 5 miles in of rugged burned earth with numerous water crossing. Lexi pooch and I loved it though.
Signs are good for other mushrooms when the rains come. And as with all trails in the Gila Wilderness, wild strawberries are abundant.
But, no morels on this trip. I'll be out as soon as the rains roll in.

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