Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recent Updates

Sometimes I just like to let my online friends know I'm alive. This is one of those posts. Lots going on but nothing earth shattering. Here is a recent plating I did for Bauscher. This was actually tougher than I expected. The plate comes with the platter, cup and spoon. It was an obvious tea time or dessert platter. I put one of my tahini/honey bon bons on the spoon, added a fresh ginger stout cake (Old Rasputin stout), dark chocolate mousse and passionfruit chocolat elixir.

A birthday cake I made this weekend - Two layers of the same ginger stout cake, a thick layer of lemon curd, lemon mousse and salted caramel glaze with milk crumb.

And today I was the first ever chef to teach an online interactive cooking class on Google+ at There are about two dozen chefs on the site that were hand selected for their social connectedness and style and I'll be focusing my classes on chocolates, pastry and molecular gastronomy. I'm trying to see if I can't do some foraging classes but I'm not sure how I would since botany changes across the planet.


Tri2Cook said...

Good stuff Rob, glad things are going well. You've definitely put the work in, nice that you're getting some recognition for it.

SharleneT said...

We used to use those luncheon plates, all the time. Guess this generation has a newer way to hold the teacups etc. I gave my sets away, years ago. Love this plating and it goes on Pinterest! Don't neglect us!