Friday, July 8, 2011

Expanding my Jura Horizons

I recently enjoyed a bottle of this wonderful dessert wine. I bought it because of my love of Vin Jaune and this bottle definitely did not disappoint. From KL Wines where I purchased it:
Coming from the wonderful Domaine de Montbourgeau, producers of top notch Vin Jaune, Etoile, etc, comes this most bizarre of treats. Made in a similar fashion to Pineau des Charantes, Montbourgeau takes the fresh pressed grape juice (Le Moût) and adds about 1/3 Marc du Jura. In a classically vague explanation from the Domaine, the cepage is listed as "Chardonnay, quelques Poulsard." The flavors are altogether unexpected and significantly different from Pineau. Showing intense quince, orange essence, and hazelnut on the nose. The palate is like the most incredibly delicious Sweet Tea, with barely a touch of the funkiness prevalent in many of the dry wines of the region. Fresh, high-toned, and balanced, the Macvin is a perfect aperitif for the adventurous or a great pairing from fruit tarts and confections.

Curious Kumquat

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