Sunday, February 13, 2011

A few recent dishes

I'm still struggling with my new camera :/ but here are some recent dishes:

My vegetarian entree: madras curry butternut squash, yellow beet, whole wheat fillo, pine cone tip infused savory cream, rosemary.

Duck Pot Pie: Popotillo poached duck breast, savory granola, cholla cream, chives. The plating on this dish has changed dramatically in the past week. I'll get the new pic up soon.

Dessert Sampler: Passionfruit mousse, chocolate bavarian, candied pecans, chocolate soil, chocolate acorn jelly

And simply cholla powder for some future use - I'm thinking meringue.


Tri2Cook said...

Nice as always Rob. I wish I could say I was using my time as well. Pretty much all of my cooking lately has been just what I do at work. I've been spending most of my free time immersing myself in the world of cocktails. I don't know how it became such and obsession... but it has.

Gfron1 said...

Thanks Larry. I completely understand. Its amazing how little play time I get nowadays. I'd love to get into cocktails, but...well, I just don't like them that much :)

Tri2Cook said...

The cocktail thing began with an interest in the relationship between the ingredients that provide the balance or, in some cases, dissonance that results in a good drink. I thought it might teach me a thing or two that I could apply to my cooking. I didn't realize it would become something that I would have a strong interest in based on the craft itself and not just for what I could take from it. Anyway, keep finding time to play. I never stop being impressed with the things you come up with when you're playing in the kitchen.