Thursday, January 20, 2011

Current Menu: Winter 11

Here is our current menu before I incorporate the foraged items. Pics coming soon.

Jan-Mar 2011 Menu

Mimbres Valley goat yogurt with pine cone syrup and acorn

Course 1
Lamb or Veg: Cauliflower cube with lip balm roulette
Porchetta or Duck: Local goat cheese bavarian with beet foam (green heads, beet gelée, nuts, beet smear)


Course 2
Lamb or Veg: Watercress soup with olive oil
Porchetta or Duck: Curried cauliflower soup with yogurt drizzle

Lamb: Risotto & arugula, salad
Porchetta: Potato cylinders, salad
Duck: Pastry shell, savory granola, gelée sheet drape, chives, savory pine needle cream
Veg: Beet steak, butternut steak, layered with filo, filled with cream

Passionfruit mousse, guava panna cotta with kumquat black tea gelée and hazelnut financier, milk foam, acorn tuile

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Tri2Cook said...

Sounds really nice Rob.