Sunday, February 7, 2010

Japanese Dinner

Last year our local gourmet club invited me to cater a dinner. This was historic because they've met for over a decade and have always gone potluck. They must have liked it since they asked me back. Here is last year's Spanish meal. This year I asked them to pick the theme and accepted Japanese because it would be a challenge for me. I love sushi and tempura, but beyond that I know I researched and ended up with this menu:

Kaiseki Ryorik Grande
Sushi Maki
Kamo tsumire (soup with duck dumplings)
(Sorry, no pic)

Chawanmushi (cold custard) & grilled prawns
Tomago dofu (omelette)
Gelée assortment (lemongrass vinegar, blue cream soda and two others that I've forgotten)
Served with Chiyonosono Shochu, Kumamoto, Japan

Hotate Ringo Kama-Yaki (scallops in apple)
Onigiri (rice patty) with umeboshi and smoked salmon
Sake steamed asparagus, puffed sushi rice and espuma
Roasted squash oil
Seared scallop

Unagi Kabi-Yaki (broiled eel)
Fried whole trout
Rolled seaweed
Daikon in lemongrass vinegar
Korokke (croquette)
served with Yamazaki 12 yr Single Malt
(sorry no pic)

Ong's cover recipe from Sweet Spot - Spiced Plums

Chocolate kumquat springrolls


Tri2Cook said...

Very nice Rob. Don't get mad at me for pointing it out but, ummmm... I think you meant:

Tomago dofu (omelette)
Chawanmushi (custard)

Regardless, great job. Looks and sounds tasty and I like how you still managed to incorporate Rob into a cuisine you say you weren't entirely comfy with.

racheld said...

I peeked in last night, having already put my glasses with my book beside the bed, and got just a hazy glimpse of all your lovely goodies.

Today is just TOO MUCH. I'm gonna have to go back to au naturel vision, if I'm not to be salivating into the keyboard.

And they're works of art, as well.

racheld said...

PS What's in the clear bowl on the first plate?

And if there's a demo soon in your future, let it be the chocolate kumquat spring rolls. That has SO many virtues.

And you MUST try peach potstickers with brandy-butter sauce.

Manggy said...

Oh hey! You ended up using Ong's book!! ;) You do a fantastic job adapting to the need, too. Everything looks great. I'll chalk the name mix-up to stress, hehe ;)

Tri2Cook said...

Yeah Mark, I've noticed that too. Rob is really good at adapting to cuisines and putting his personal stamp on them. I chalked the name-thing up to a late night post from a tired chef. I only mentioned it because I'm a smartass and I was pretty sure Rob wouldn't be offended, not because it was a big deal. :p

Gfron1 said...

Fixed. And its a good thing for me that I have Rachel to pick me up after Mark and Larry beat my like a dying dog :P Joking of course - thanks guys. Rachel, that's the shochu rice wine.

Tri2Cook said...

Yep, sounds like Rachel is your gaurdian angel around here. If it makes you feel any better, I don't offer abuse to just anybody. :p