Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Tasting 09: Final Menu

OUTSIDE Potato chips, mochi, Rice cups

ONE Vinyl Art

-Melon terrine

-Carbonated grapes

-Lemongrass croquettes

-Bee pollen

-Savory rice krispie puffs in pouch

-Dried lemon curd

-Cucumber gelee w/ bottarga

-Fried sunchoke chips brushed with vanilla beans

-Tequila shot

-Fried soy soaked salmon

-Dry caramel

-Olive oil jam for writing

TWO Sunchoke soup

-sweet potato gnocchi

-Sweet potato paper poems & chipotle perfume

-Black Tea drizzle & Parsley drizzle

THREE Reconstructed cocktail avocados

-Prickly pear tequila sauce

-Pork hibiscus adobo

FOUR Salmon tartar set w/chocolate aspic, balls of mango, red bell, yellow tomato caviar cheese

Atop purple potato pedestal

Lemon pudding

FIVE Poached hamachi w/melon & nori

Pineapple bubbles

SIX Rabbit leg tempura

Dried vegetable dust

Set on basket of fried carrot threads

Soy sauce

Pumpkin seeds

Banana froth

Banana pudding

SEVEN Rabbit vin jaune

Israeli cous cous

Nutmeg mousse in brussel leaf

Some rabbit finely shredded and fried

EIGHT Cucumber sorbet

NINE Peach basil compote

TEN Nine bites

I'm tired just reading this....


Manggy said...

As am I, but thankfully I don't have to do anything but look at the beautiful results (on the other hand, I don't get to taste anything...)

Tri2Cook said...

A glutton for punishment, I see. Twelve components in the first course alone! Sounds like an awesome menu. You're not fooling me with those simple dessert descriptions though... you're keeping a few surprises up your sleeve!