Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winter Tasting Dinner: The Kama Sutra

This Saturday is my next Tasting Dinner. I've got ten courses modelled after the Kama Sutra lined up for 18 lucky guests...here's the menu draft:

1. The Lotus: ripping off Alinea's apple celery shot just because I've been wanting to do it for a while now

2. Splitting the Bamboo: Seared tuna tube, split and flayed open; a smoked oyster sphere set in between (not sure how oyster will work in the spherification process); Savory malt/soy granola set in sugar tube (a recent TGRWT creation of mine that I really liked), fresh bamboo shoots (not sure what I want to do with them beyond looks); bamboo green tea geleè

3. Caressing the Bud: sousvide sunchoke and radish; SV root vegetable rubics cube; cilantro crisp (not sure about this here); beets; artichoke petals in trout mousse (this also feels forced but might work)

4. Mirror of Pleasing: Sea Urchin (if I can get it); micro herbs; vanilla foam

5. Pair of Tongs: Pig tails with quail eggs; arugula salad - I'm having trouble sourcing the tails

6. Clasping Position: Pork belly; potato

7. Congress of the Crow: Duck pastrami with rye gnocchi

8. Milk & Water: Blue cheese cauliflower; cheese crakers (ala Alinea); cheese crisp; fresh figs if I can get them.

9. No position, but popcorn with poprocks

10. Butterfly - orange and rose stuff that I'll come up with


Manggy said...

Hah! I am loving #9. And rose flavor, huh? That's quite daring! Kidding, I know you'll rock it. Can't wait to hear more :)

Matthew Adams said...

Hi - sounds great. By an amazing coincidence, I've just put together a rosewater predessert for Thursday. In a shotglass, 5g of wild rose petal puree, then a rosewater jelly (gelatin), a parisienne scoop of rosewater icecream, topped up with a citrus espuma (orange + lemon, cream, gelatin-based) and then a couple of thin slices of turkish delight on top.